Sunday, November 30, 2008

Start Permissive

In order to obtain a permissive to start the LM6000, the following conditions must be met:

  1. All shutdowns and alarms are cleared and reset.

  2. Fire system is available and gas system is available.

  3. Unit is in run mode.

  4. Fuel control indicates Ready to Start.

  5. Unit is stopped (XN25<300>

  6. Customer permissives have been met.

  7. Flame detectors indicates OK.

  8. Turbine lube oil reservoir temp OK.

  9. Turbine lube oil reservoir level OK.

  10. Gen/GB lube oil reservoir temp OK.

  11. Gen/GB lube oil reservoir level OK.

  12. Start skid hydraulic reservoir temp OK.

  13. Start skid hydraulic reservoir level OK.

  14. Gas fuel filter skid valves in proper position.

  15. Unit in start/run sequence.

  16. Stop sequence not in progress.

  17. Generator stator temp OK.

  18. Crank cycle not in progress.

  19. Water wash not enabled.

  20. Unit not in calibrate mode.

  21. Unit shutdowns is cleared.

  22. Four-hour lockout not in progress.

  23. Combustor drain valve in closed position.

  24. DC lube pump in auto position.

  25. Gas fuel supply pressure OK.