Friday, December 12, 2008

Accessory Gear Box

LM6000 Accessory Gear Box
Engine starting, lubrication, and speed monitoring of the high pressure rotor shaft is accomplished by accessories mounted on the accessory gear box (AGB). The accessory gear box is mounted beneath the gas engine at the compressor front’s frame. Fitted to the aft side of the gear box is the hydraulic starting motor clutch, which drives the tranfer gear box, radial drive shaft, and inlet gear box in A-sump to rotate the high pressure compressor rotor.

The following accessories can be mounted on the Accessory Gear Box:
1- Hydraulic starting motor
2- Clutch assembly
3- Variable-geometry control unit
4- Engine lube oil pump
5- Fuel-metering valve hydraulic oil pump
6- Two magnetic speed pickups (XN25-A and XN25-B)
7- Transfer Gear Box
8- Radial drive shaft