Thursday, December 4, 2008

Low Pressure Compressor

The LM6000 low pressure compressor (LPC) is a 5-stage, axial flow compressor with a 5-stage fixed stator. The low pressure compressor stator case contains the stator vanes for the low pressure compressor rotor. The case is horizontally split to facilitate repair. The engine has one probe to measure low pressure compressor inlet total temperature (T2) mounted on the variable inlet guide vanes (VIGV) case.

On the low pressure compressor rotor individual disks are used in stages 0 and 1. Stages 2 through 4 of the low pressure compressor rotor are an integral spool. Stages 0 and 1 blades have been modified to include squealer tips. Stage 0 blades are individually retained in the axial dovetail slots of the disk by a one-piece blade retainer. Stages 1 through 4 blades are retained in circumferencial slots and stages 2 through 4 spool. The blade retention feature allow individual blade replacement. Blades on stages 0 through 3 can be removed without removing the rotor. As the compressor rotates, the blades load centrifugally and become tight fitting.