Friday, December 12, 2008

Normal Start Sequence

LM6000 Normal Start Sequence

Refer to the following sequence when performing a normal start:

1-Select Normal Mode


3-Select “Start” from HMI menu to initiate start sequence

4-Verify N25 reference is set at 6025 rpm and N2 reference is set at 3600 rpm

5-AC lube oil pump motor MOT-0033 energizes

6-Generator and turbine compartement fans energize

7-Observe dP for generator and turbine compartements

8-Observe lube oil pressures and rundown tank level

9-Before initiating crank, generator stator, generator bearing, and generator lube oil supply temperatures must be met

10-Hydraulic pump motor MOT-6015 energizes and 10-second delay timer starts

11-After 10-second timer has expired, hydraulic pump selenoid valve SOV-6019 angles starter swash plate to 100% output and jacking lube oil pump motor MOT-0085 energizes

12When N25>1700 rpm, 2-minute duct purge timer starts

13-Liquid fuel pump motor energizes (if liquid fuel is selected)

14-After 2-minute timer has expired the SOV-6019 destroke the starter swash plate to 0% and holds until N25<1700>

15-When N25 goes 1700 rpm (gas fuel) or N25<1200>

16-When N25 reaches 1700 rpm (gas fuel) or 1200 rpm (liquid fuel), igniter energizes and engines controller commands FUEL ON

17-Gas block valves and gas metering valve open

18-When N25 reaches 4600 rpm, SOV-6019 destrokes the starter swash plate to 0% and hydraulic pump motor MOT-6015 de-energizes after 10-second delay

19-Jacking lube oil pump de-energizes when N2>1000 rpm

20-AC lube oil pump MOT-0033 de-energizes when N2>3000 rpm

21-When N25>6050 rpm and N2>1250 rpm, N25 ramps to sync idle and the warm-up timer starts

22-Unit is ready to load after warm-up timer has expired