Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Singular Annular Combustor

The LM6000 uses a singular annular combustor, which is furnished with 30 externally mounted fuel nozzles for liquid destillate fuel, natural gas fuel, or dual fuel, depending upon the fuel system specified by the costumer. Fuel systems may also be equipped for water or steam injection for NOx suppression. The combustion system is a high-performance design that has consistently demonstrated low exit temperature patterns factors, low pressure loss, low smoke, and high combustion efficiency at all operating conditions.

Key features of the singular annular combustor are the rolled-ring inner and outer liners; the low-smoke emission, swirl-cup dome design and the short burning length. The short burning length reduces liner cooling air consumption , which improves the exit temperature pattern factor and profile. The swirl-cup dome design serves to lean out the dual fuel-air mixture in the primary zone of the combustor. This eliminate the formation of the high carbon visible smoke that can result from over-rich burning in this zone of the singular annular combustor.