Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caudate Nucleus

The caudate nucleus is a nucleus located within the basal ganglia of the human brain. The caudate nucleus is a collection of neurons bodies that connects to many parts of the cerebrum. Together with the putamen, it comprises the striatum. It is involved with control of voluntary movement, and the deterioration of its connections results in the inability to control movements and emotions.

The caudate nuclei are located near the center of the brain, sitting astride the thalamus. There is a caudate nucleus within each hemisphere of the brain. Individually, they resemble a C-shape structure. The head and body of the caudate nucleus form part of the floor of the anterior horn of the lateral ventricle.

The caudate organizes and filters information that is sent to the frontal lobe, particularly information from the limbic system. Caudate malfunction can affect the functioning of the frontal lobes through a lack of information or an improper amount of information.