Tuesday, June 1, 2010

La Soufriere

La Soufriere is a stratovolcano on the island of Saint Vincent in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. It is the highest peak on Saint Vincent, 4,049 ft high. La Soufriere is the island's northernmost and youngest volcano and is also known as Soufriere Saint Vincent. It lies in the northernmost third of the island and is considered to be the only volcano that is likely to erupt in the future. The main crater of the Soufrière is about 1.6 km in diameter and is 300-600 m in depth.

La Soufriere violently erupted in 1718, 1812, 1902, 1971, and 1979. The eruption of May 7, 1902, just hours before the eruption of Mount Pelee on Martinique, killed 1,680 people. The last recorded eruption was in April 1979; due to advance warning there were no casualties.