Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wright J65

The Wright J65 was an axial-flow turbojet engine which powered a number of US Navy and Air Force aircraft. Developed from the Sapphire, the J65 was built by Curtiss-Wright under license from Armstrong Siddeley.

Although it first ran on October 1, 1948, a series of technical problems delayed two years the introduction of the Wright J65. At this point the Pratt & Whitney J57 had already appeared on the market and took many of the J65's potential sales. Nevertheless, once it entered production the J65 proved to be as good as the British versions, and along with the Martin B-57, its original target, the J65 went on to power versions of the A-4 Skyhawk, F-84F Thunderstreak and the two Lockheed XF-104 Starfighter prototypes.

Specifications for the Wright J65

Type: Turbojet
Length: 2,921 m
Diameter: 0,953 m
Dry weight: 1,178 kg

Compressor: axial
Combustors: annular
Turbine: 1 stage

Thrust: 11,000 lbf
Power-to-weight ratio: