Friday, October 15, 2010

Allison J71

The Allison J71 was an axial-flow jet engine, designed and built by Allison Engine Company in the United States. The development of the J71 began in 1948 as a modified J35 and was originally designated the J35-A-23. The Allison J71 turbojet powered the Douglas B-66 Destroyer and the McDonnell F3H-2 Demon after the failed Westinghouse J40 proved unworkable. The prototype P6M SeaMasters were also fitted with this engine.

Specifications for the Allison J71-A-2E

Type: axial-flow turbojet with afterburner
Length: 23.9 ft
Diameter: 3.5 ft
Weight: 1,855 kg
Compressor: 16-stage axial compressor
Turbine: 3-stage
Thrust: 14,000 lb (62.3 kN) with afterburner