Sunday, October 24, 2010

Celestron Biological Microscope M44102

The Celestron biological microscope is a precision optical microscope made of high quality materials designed to be used in biochemical laboratories. It is produced by the American firm Celestron, whose headquarters are in California. The Celestron biological microscope model 44102 consists of three acromatic objectives (4x=40power, 10x=100power, 40x=400power), a plain stage with spring-loaded clips, an arm with an angle choice from 0 to 60ยบ, a focuser with coarse and fine focus knobs and rack and pinion safety stops, a 50mm plano-concave mirror, an eyepiece, a nosepiece, a condenser, and a disc diaphragm with five aperture sizes.

The Celestron microscope has a built-in plano-concave illumination mirror which allows the biochemist to illuminate the specimen from the bottom by reflecting an external light source to the stage. The mirror has a flat side and a concave side. The concave side will concentrate more light onto the specimen than the flat side.


-400x Power Biological Microscope
-10x Eyepiece
-4x, 10x, and 40x Objective Lenses
-Fully Coated Glass Optics
-All Metal Body with Monocular Head
-50 mm (2") Mirror Illumination
-5-position Disc Diaphragm
-Powers Available - 40x, 100x, and 400x
-Coarse and Fine Focus Knobs
-Stage with Stage Clips
-Five Prepared Slides