Thursday, October 7, 2010

General Electric F101 Turbofan

The General Electric F101 was an aircraft turbofan jet engine designed and manufactured by General Electric to power the US Air Force B-1 bomber. The F101 was the first turbofan engine with an afterburner (augmentor) produced by General Electric. It was fitted with a one-stage low pressure compressor, a nine-stage high pressure compressor, a one-stage high pressure turbine, and a two-stage low pressure turbine. With an overall pressure ratio of 26.8:1, the turbofan F101 could produce a thurst of 31,000 lb (138kN) using afterburner. The F101 was later developed into the General Electric F110 and the CFM International CFM56.

Specifications of the General Electric F101-GE-102

Type: axial-flow turbofan engine
Diameter: 55 in. (1.40 m)
Length: 181 in. (4.60 m)
Dry weight: 4,400 lbf (1995 kg)
Combustors: Annular
Compressor: axial, 1-stage fan, 1-stage low pressure compressor, 9-stage high pressure compressor
Turbine: 1-stage high pressure turbine, 2-stage low pressure turbine
Maximum power output: 31,000 lb (138 kN) (with afterburner)
Overall pressure ratio: 26.8:1
Specific fuel consumption: 2.46 lb/lbf-hr (max thrust)
Thrust-to-weight ratio: 7.04:1 (afterburner)