Wednesday, October 20, 2010

General Electric TF34

The TF34 is a twin-shaft turbofan jet engine developed by General Electric to power the S-3 Viking and the A-10 Thunderbolt II. The GE TF34 consists of a single-stage fan, 14-stage high pressure (HP) compressor, 4-stage low pressure (LP) turbine, a 2-stage high pressure (HP) turbine, and an annular combustor. The TF34-GE-400A is rated at 9,275 lbf (41.26 KN) static thrust. Designed in 1967, the TF34 first flew in 1971. It is used by the U.S. Air Force A-10 and had a growing civil market. The civil version of the TF34 was designated the CF34.

More than 460 TF34 engines are in service today with the US Navy and more than 1,050 are in service with the US Air Force. With more than 11 million fleet hours, the TF34 is projected to remain in service beyond 2028.

Specifications of the General Electric TF34

Type: axial flow bypass turbofan engine
Length: 2.62 m
Diameter: 1.12 m
Dry weight: 758 kg
Compressor: 14-stage compressor
Turbine: 4-stage LP turbine; 2-stage HP turbine
Combustor: annular
Maximum thrust: 9,275 lb
Mass flow: 338 lbs/sec
Power-to-weight ratio: