Friday, October 22, 2010

Leitz Metalloplan Microscope

The Leitz Metalloplan is a largefield metallographic microscope produced by Leitz GmbH in the 1970s. The Metalloplan is equipped with LINNIK interferometry unit that includes 10x and 20x infinity corrected paired optic sets. The Metalloplan stand rests on a four built-in vibration damping special plastic support. The co-axial fine and coarse adjustment acts directly on the object stage. The fine adjustment operates throughout a total travel of 40mm. One interval to the fine adjustment drum corresponds to 1 micron.

The Metalloplan's largefield binocular tube with vertical photo tube is joined to the stand by means of a bayonet lock. It can be rotated through 360ยบ. The mechanical tube length compensator built into the tube maintains simultaneous focusing in the film plane and eyepiece for all interpopullary distances. A beam splitter in the tube directs 80% of the total light into the photo-tube and 20% into the eyepiece tube. The beam splitter of the Metalloplan can be swung out of the optical path so that the full light flux is directed into the eyepiece tubes for observation. The eyepiece tubes were designed to accept largefield eyepieces of 30mm diameter. The 23.2mm diameter Periplan eyepieces can be used with adapters.

The object stage is interchangeable on a dovetail slide and can be lowered considerable for large objects. The co-axial control of the stage must be operated from the right. The vertical illuminator can be intercanged horizontally without the need for lowering the object stage. The light collar between the vertical illuminator and the light aperture in the stand has two filter slots. The standard outfit of the Metalloplan metallographic microscope includes a Lamp Housing 100. Like the Lamp Housing 250, or mirror housing, it is directly joined to the microscope by means of a bayonet lock.