Saturday, October 2, 2010

MS5002E Gas Turbine

The MS5002E Gas Turbine is an axial-flow jet engine developed by General Electric for both power generation and mechanical drive applications. This gas turbine belong to 30 MW-class machine and was designed for low environmental impact and high reliability. The MS5002E has a stable firing temperature, offering emission levels as low as 25 ppm through the use of a Dry Low NOx emission combustion system derived from the GE DLN2 combustion technology. The turbine enclosure is integrated with the baseplate, which provides maximum accessibility for maintenance.

Specifications for the MS5002E

Type: axial-flow gas turbine
Compressor: eleven-stage axial compressor
Pressure ratio 17:1
Combustor: reverse flow, can-annular combustion system with six chambers
Turbine: two-stage reaction type HP turbine
Weight: 67 tons (turbine package) and 47 tons (auxiliary package)
Output:    40,901 shp (30,500 kW)
Exhaust Flow: 225 lb/sec (102 kg/sec)
Heat Rate: 6,946 Btu/shp-h (9,825 kJ/kWh)
Exhaust Temperature: 901 F (483 C)

MS5002E Animation Video