Friday, October 29, 2010

S1850M Radar

Capable of automatic detection and track initiation, the S1850M is a long range, ship-based radar for wide area search. The S1850M is an upgraded variant of the Thales Nederland SMART-L radar. It is manufactured by the firm BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies (formerly AMS UK) and Thales. and advertised as being capable of tracking of up to 1,000 targets at a range of 250 miles. The S1850M is highly capable of detecting stealth targets, and is able to detect and track outer atmosphere objects at short range, making it capable of forming part of a Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence system.

The contract for initial production of the S1850M was signed in 2001: 2 for the UK, 1 for France and 1 for Italy, with a common prototype based in Toulon. In 2005 a follow-on contract was signed for 5 more for the UK, 1 more for France and 1 more for Italy. Even a stronger version of the S1850M is under testing, which is actually an updated version of the current SMART-L radar, which the Dutch Navy will call the Smart-L mk2 Radar, with even a greater search radius, but this version is still under testing. It would have a tracking range of over 800km over sea and 400km into space.