Thursday, November 18, 2010


The AN/APQ-186 is a multi-mode radar designed and manufactured by Raytheon to be used on several types of transport and combat helicopters. The AN/APQ-186 was developed from the AN/APQ-174, which is a Ku band radar used on military helicopters for navigation. Using the AN/APQ-186, the pilot can fly a low levels down to a 100-ft set clearance at night, in adverse weather, and in high-threat environments. This radar also lowers the probability of detection by enemy forces and increases mission success through terrain masking and minimizing time spent in threat range. It reduces risk to the aircrew and the aircraft by balancing the low-level terrain clearance altitude with flight safety considerations. The AN/APQ-186 uses proven control algorithms, high-reliability designs, and extensive built-in-test software to provide a high-confidence system with high user acceptability.