Thursday, December 2, 2010


The AN/APG-76 is a pulse-doppler, Ku band radar developed by Norden Systems and manufactured by Northrop Grumman. It is used on the Israeli Air Force F-4E Phantom II fighter aircraft and has been tested in a pod configuration with the F-16 and S-3 Viking Grey Wolf Project. The AN/APG-76 is a multimode radar designed for a multimode attack fighter application requiring rapid search, detection, identification, and precision location of both airborne and surface targets from long standoff ranges under adverse weather conditions. The AN/APG-76 provides high-resolution synthetic aperture radar images with moving target indicator overlays to enable the operator to pick out targets in the images that were moving above some speed threshold.

Northrop Grumman Norden Systems has recently upgraded and adapted the AN/APG-76 to smuggling interdiction and related law enforcement missions. These adaptations have added an integrated GPS/INS subsystem for enhanced self-navigation and target location accuracy, a long range wide-band digital data link and ground station for mission control and data dissemination, a 3-D interferometric SAR imaging capability for detailed high resolution topographic mapping, and 1 meter and 0.3 meter resolution SAR modes for positive target identification. Additionally, the radar has been installed into wing-mounted pods and adapted for side-looking and 360 degree coverage applications. Automatic target detection and enhanced-range sea-surveillance and air-targeting modes are also now available through the use of open architecture commercial processors and non-proprietary transportable programming languages.