Thursday, December 9, 2010


The AN/APG-78 is a 35 GHz, fire control radar developed by Longbow LLC for the US Army and used on the AH-64D Apache helicopter. This radar was designed for the detection, location, classification and prioritization of tactical targets in poor weather and obscured conditions. The AN/APG-78 emits a narrow, intense beam of radio waves to ensure accurate tracking information and to minimize the chance of losing track of the target. When it is in the vecinity of the target, the radar switches to the acquisition phase of operation. Once it has locked onto the target, the APG-78 radar uses AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire anti-tank missiles. It provides high performance with very low probability of intercept, and high operational availability with low support costs. With a range of 8km to 12km, it is capable of scanning an area and search for potential targets presenting to the aircrew the top 16 of 100 targets in less than 6 seconds. In addition, AN/APG-78 provides situational awareness to the Longbow Apache helicopter improving its survivability.