Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The AN/SPS-52 was a 3-D, long range air search radar which provided contact bearing, range and altitude. With medium detection probability, the AN/SPS-52C variant had four modes of operation: high angle, long range, high data rate, and MTI (Moving Target Indicator). It was capable of detecting air targets at ranges in excess of 200nm. Tilted back at an angle of 25ยบ, its planar array antenna used frequency scanning to steer the radar beam and was capable of providing altitude on targets in excess of 100,000 feet. Then, the radar fed this data into the ship's Integrated Automated Detection and Tracking system (IADT) AN/SYS-1, which provided targeting data for the ship's fire control system. The AN/SPS-52 was used on Brooke class frigates, Charles F. Adams class destroyers, Hatakaze class destroyers, Tarawa class amphibious assault ships, Wasp class amphibious assault ships, Galveston class cruisers, Providence class cruisers and other ships. In 2004, this radar was withdrawn from service.