Tuesday, December 28, 2010


ASARS-2 is an advanced Synthetic aperture, high-resolution radar designed by Hughes Aircraft in the early 1980s for the US Lockheed U2 spy aircraft. This multi-mode, reconnaissance radar system is currently manufactured by Raytheon. The ASARS-2 features real time, long-range mapping capabilities. It detects and accurately locates fixed and moving ground targets, gathering detailed information, formatting the data, and transmitting high resolution images. target information is transmitted via a wideband data link to a ground station. The radar is capable of producing extremely high resolution images at long range.

The ASARS-2's high resolution capability has also been used by the American civilian community to map and assess damage from the floods along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers in 1993, the northern California floods in 1995, and the Northridge, California, earthquake in 1994. In military field, ASARS-2 was used extensively during Operation Desert Storm for target location and battle damage assessment. Raytheon is currently delivering radar upgrades under the ASARS Improvement Program (AIP), which will further enhance ASARS-2 capabilities. ASARS-2 is the foundation for current production and development radars such as HISAR, Global Hawk, and the Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Magnification (ARL-M) Crazy Hawk.