Wednesday, January 19, 2011

4356M Bottle Transmitter

The 4356M bottle transmitter (B.T.) did not emit any radio frequencies. This device was used to provide transmission to a group of repeater motors, such as those in a radar installation, or to step up the number of repeaters that can be controlled from a gyro-compass where it is inconvenient to use a multiple transmitter or transmitter panel. They were also used extensively where it was desired to use Admiralty type equipment controlled by some other type of gyro compass. Bottle transmitters fell into two groups: 1) pattern #5356 that transmitted to M-type repeater motors; 2) pattern #5355 that transmitted to Sperry-type repeater motors. The B.T. could operate a load equivalent to fifteen Mark 10 M-type repeater motors at its maximum. On HMCS HAIDA, the bottle transmitter was used to transmit azimuth information from the Admiralty Mk 5 Gyrocompass to remote indicators.