Monday, January 24, 2011


The AN/SPS-10B was a medium range, C-band, surface warning radar with a limited air capability. In the Canadian Forces, this type was used in pre-DELEX steamers and training facilities. The AN/SPS-10B was used for the detection, ranging and tracking of surface contacts and to a limited extent, air contacts as well. Range and bearing information was passed to a PPI type display. This radar type had the potential to be used with IFF/SIF equipment so the SPS-10 was originally fitted with a built in beacon. The RCN never used this feature, so it was disabled.

Specifications for the AN/SPS-10B

Type: C-band warning radar
Frequency: 5450 Mcs variable to 5825 Mcs
Wavelength: 5 cm
Peak power output: short pulse = 190 kw; long pulse = 280 kw
Pulse Width: short range pulse - .25 microsecond; long range pulse - 1.3 microsecond PRR  625; variable to 650
Receiver IF: 30 Mcs
Antenna rotation: 15 rpm fixed
Beamwidth: vertical, 12 to 16 degrees; horizontal 1.5 degrees
Resolution: on short range, 50 yds; on long range, 275 yds
For Bearing: less than 1 degree of error