Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The AN/TPS-58 Moving-Target-Locating Radar (MTLR) is a coherent Doppler radar developed by Raytheon for the US Army. It is used for general surveillance and artillery burst detection. The AN/TPS-58 is a transportable (vehicle-mounted) radar which weighs 3,500 pounds and is equipped with a truncated parabolic reflector (65 × 52 cm) antenna. The AN/TPS-58 can locate moving personnel at ranges between 450 m and 12 km, and vehicles between 450 meters and 20 km to an accuracy of 50 meters. The AN/TPS-58B can automatically track moving targets and predict their future location. A well-trained crew can emplace or march-order the AN/TPS-58B within 15 minutes. The operations shelter can be remoted up to 48 meters from the antenna site.

The mission of the AN/TPS-58 MTLR is to detect, locate, and identify moving ground targets with sufficient accuracy for attack by friendly weapon systems. The radar also can vector friendly patrols to specified areas. The MTLRs are usually employed by division artillery in general support of the division and are therefore seldom directly controlled by cannon battalions. However, they may be attached to battalions for support only, such as security, survey, and Classes I and II.