Friday, January 21, 2011

Sperry 127E

Sperry 127E was a solid state navigation radar which utilized integrated circuit (IC) technology and was first fitted aboard DDH 280 class. It was fitted with a 12 inch CRT and was designed on the precepts of the Radio Law, Safety Agreement of Life at Sea (SOLAS), the American FCC standards and the British DTI standards.

Specifications for the Sperry 127E

Type: naval navigation radar
Peak power: 25 kilowatts
Operating frequency: 9410 Mhz +\- 30 MHz
Range: 120 miles
Pulse length: 0.05 to 1.2 microseconds depending on range
Pulse repetition rate: 500 to 4000 pulses per second depending on range
Scanner rotation: 30 rpm for 1/4 to 6 mile scales; 15 rpm for 12 to 120 mile scales
Dimensions and weights: indicator, 27"D x 20"W x 51"H , 350 lbs; scanner, 20"L x 50"W x 49.5"H, 300 lbs; Xcvr, 26.5"D x 22"W x 17"H, 190 lbs; M-G Set, 36"L x 15"W x 12"D, 330 lbs; Antenna, 7 foot end fed, slotted array, waveguide type
Power requirements: 115 VAC 60 Hz, 600 VA
Circa: 1975- 76