Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dagger Radar

The Dagger is a target acquisition and surveillance radar which operates in J-Band, with scan rate of 60 or 30 rpm. Manufactured by Alenia Marconi Systems, the Dagger is also a multi-beam high resolution 3D radar, which means it provides three-dimensional surveillance, target acquisition and tracking in an autonomous, compact and reliable equipment. It has the processing capacity to detect more than 75 threats per second with a maximum detection range in excess of 15 km. It also has available an optional range of 32 km. The signal processing system of the Dagger incorporates clutter rejection algorithms and is also resistant to electronic countermeasures as a high elevation guard beam automatically switches off the transmissions when the presence of an anti-radiation missile is detected. The Dagger is capable of detecting more than 75 threats per second.

The Dagger can discriminate small targets in heavy ground clutter from vegetation moving in the wind. Excellent range resolution and the variable PRF help eliminate range ambiguities and mutual interference. The modular design ensures that the Dagger radar is readily adaptable to other configurations. It can be provided in a self-contained palletized form if a vehicle- or trailer- mounted system is required, or the compact modules can be distributed within an armoured vehicle.