Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Deep Cerebral Veins

The deep cerebral veins collect the blood from the diencephalon, the deep structures of the hemispheres, and the deep white matter. In addition, there are thin transcerebral veins running along the fibers of the corona radiata from the outer white matter and from the cortex. They connect the superficial drainage areas with the deep ones. The deep cranial veins empty their blood into the great cerebral vein, also called great vein of Galen. The drainage system of the deep veins is therefore also known as the system of the great cerebral vein. The deep cerebral veins comprise: the basal vein, which passes backward around the cerebral peduncle and ends in the great vein of Galen; the anterior cerebral vein; the deep middle cerebral brain, which receives tributaries from the insula and neighboring gyri and runs in the lower part of the lateral cerebral fissure; the thalamostriate vein; and the internal cerebral vein, which drains the deep parts of each hemisphere.