Monday, May 14, 2012

Biological Classification of Man

Man's biological classification reveals his relationship to simpler organisms. However in the smallest subdivision, species, man stands alone. But ultimately he is related even to the tiny ameba. Man is a vertebrate of the mammal class, of the pimate order, genus Homo, and species Sapiens. Being a primate means that he has stereoscopic, or three-dimensional, vision and a pair of hands with grasping fingers and flat fingernails. As a member of the genus Homo, he has an erect posture, with one strong finger (thumb) opposing the other four. An being Sapiens as species means that he has well-developed frontal lobes and motor and sensory capacities for producing and understanding a complex language which entails abstract concepts.

Biological Group        Man

Kingdom                  Animalia
Grade                      Metazoa
Phylum                    Chordata
Subphylum               Vertebrata
Class                      Mammalia
Order                      Primates
Suborder                 Anthropoidea
Infraorder                Catarrhini
Superfamily             Hominoidea
Family                    Hominidae
Genus                     Homo
Species                   Sapiens