Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eastern Green Mamba

The Dendroaspis agusticeps, commonly known as eastern green mamba, is an extremely venomous elapid snake found in eastern Africa, from Kenya to Zimbabwe. Green and with a 1.50m (5ft)-long body, it lives, mates, and feeds in the trees. In contrast with other venomous snakes, the green mamba of East Africa has round pupils, instead of the more common vertically-elongated pupils that resemble downward slits. Its eyes never blink because they have a transparent protective shield. Its venom contains neurotoxins, which means that it blocks the nerve impulses from one nerve cell to another, affecting the central nervous system; the green mamba is rather shy and not as aggressive as the black mamba, but, if bitten, the person could die of cardiorespiratory arrest in less than half an hour, due to paralysis of the respiratory (breathing) muscles and heart muscle (myocardium).