Monday, August 13, 2012

Are We Still Evolving as Human Beings?

Are we still evolving as humans? No, we are no longer evolving as human beings; with a volume of 1,425 cubic cm, our brain is not bigger in size than that of the Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal's, whose cerebrum ranged in volume between 1,500 and 1650 cc. On the contrary, the natural selection process that made possible human evolution is no longer selecting the smartest or fittest one, since we no longer have to fight for survival and women in the Western world do not have more than two children, if they have; in many cases a dog would do. During the stone age, a woman bore children all her life and nature selected only the smartest and fittest through the cruelest of rules; wise up or die.

Man evolved as a hunter, using his hands, stereoscopic vision, and speech. In order to survive, not only did he have to learn to manufacture effective weapons and tools with which he killed the prey to feed his family, but also to articulate an intelligible language to communicate with his fellow being and thus be able to hunt in group, and, hunting in team, he could bring down big-size quarries, such as bison, bears, and even mammoths, for the larger the prey was, the more people he could feed and the longer the feast lasted. And in this meat, there were two important elements for the evolution of his brain: vitamin B12 and a great amount of calories. Thus, the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, with the fasciculi that link them up, became overgrown expressions of extremely developed subtle motor functions, necessary for hand dexterity and speech production and comprehension. An the nerve cells that participated in these fine motor functions also became the brain integration center, that is to say, consciousness or awareness, and the initiator of new actions or enterprises, in other words, "will", the determination to overcome obstacles.

Today, unfortunately, man is no longer wholly "aware" of his circumstances or reality he is sunk in, for he is being victim of what I call "cultural frontal lobotomy", in which the use of the brain frontal lobe is being discouraged by media as the new cultural setting did away with the old values that promoted virtues and skills, that got the best out of us. We no longer have to use our hands to hunt and obtain vitamin B12-rich meat and other animal products to feed our brains, as almost everything is being done by machines or computers, and we are being told by advertisement, through the means of communications, to consume alcohol-containing drinks, which destroy our neurons rather than feed them; and we drink inordinate amount of beer, whisky, wine we get with a piece of plastic we easily get in our niche of "civilized stultifying circumstances". Now we live in a bleak "flat" world, without in-depth and in-sight, in which our children are even being hinted to use drugs in order to be cool, without being aware that he is not being cool, but embicile, for neurons are the only cells in the body that do not multiply.

But there is a way out of this moron factory we call modern world without disrupting our legal system that keep us together as a community (in a team): be yourself, value yourself and have your own life project, do not drink alcohol and do not use drugs, do things with your hands, practice sports, get informed, read, be a leader, listen to your fellow beings and see reality as you put your feet on the ground, and, of course, have children and a family, for it was an important part in human evolution.

Written by Carlos Benito Camacho