Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vascular Spasm

A vascular spasm is a sudden tightening of blood vessel walls that strangles the blood blow, reducing or completely stopping it. As a result, sometimes a blood vessel could burst and cause a cerebral hemorrhage, or stroke, in the brain, or a heart attack if it affects the coronary arteries. The cause or culprit of vascular spasms are tobacco, cocaine, cold weather, stress, etc. Although it can lead to the death of a person, as in a heart attack, a vascular spasm can also save his life as it is also caused by body tissue injury, sharply reducing bleeding and avoiding dangerous blood loss. Symptoms: paleness, sensation of cold in the affected area, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, etc. A vascular spasm requires an arterial hypotensor treatment to the blood vessel walls to relax and expand.