Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mount Carmel Neanderthals

The Mount Carmel Neanderthals are the remains of Homo Neanderthalensis found in the Kebara, Tabun, and two other caves, in Mount Carmel, Israel, in 1931, by the British archeologist Dorothy Garrod. They were remarkable for the physical differences found among them; differences far greater than those found among modern men. The variation was from individuals with almost typical Neanderthal skulls to others with skulls hardly distinguishable from our own.

Unlike the man of La Chapelle, some of these people were quite tall. Two of them found in one of the caves must have been six feet tall, with long, straight legs. Although they had the heavy brow ridges of Neanderthals, they also had projecting chins and rather mesocephalic brain cases. It was a strange mixture of Neanderthal and Homo sapiens sapiens characteristics.