Saturday, May 30, 2015

Most Complete Food

The most complete food is red meat, which is the richest source of protein, containing more than twenty amino acids, nine of which are essential for growth and maintenance of body tissue, such as arginine, aspartic acid, and alanine. But red meat is the most complete food because it has an extra food package, which are vitally important for the body central nervous system, blood, and immune and endocrine systems. This extra package, that comes along with the meat protein, contains vitamins, minerals, and calories.

Red meat is one of the richest source of vitamins B12, B6, B3 (niacin), B2 (riboflavin), and B1 (thiamine). All these vitamins are important for the maintenance of nerve cells and the fatty sheath of myelin covering and protecting the nerve cell axon. In other words, red meat is good for the brain. Deficiency in vitamin B12 causes anemia, so it is also vitally important for the manufacturing of red blood cell along with iron, which is also found in red meat in great quantity.

It is also the second richest source of zinc, a mineral which participates in the formation of more than 300 enzymes that are vital for the parenchymal functions of the body organs (the richest source of this mineral is mussle, the mollusk). It reinforces and protects the immune and endocrine systems, too. Zinc deficiency causes hormones levels, specially testosterone level, to drop as it is also a natural aromatasa inhibitor; thus, zinc is good for muscle building.

A great example of red meat influence on body growth and development is the Neanderthal man. If you take a look at his bones, you will notice how thick they are, much thicker than modern man's. Bone thickness is an indication of the amount of muscle it supports. So, Neanderthal man, a real meat eater, had powerful muscles, which made him much stronger and faster than any modern olympic athlete of today's. Neanderthal man and Cro-magnon man also had bigger cranium (brainpan) capacity than today's man; an indication that they also had bigger brains. The average brain volume of modern man is only 1,425 cm3, while the Man of La Chapelle (Neanderthal man of France) had a brain volume of 1,650 cm3. Remember, this meat eater survived for more than 100,000 years, hunting big beasts, such as mammoths, bisons, and cave bears in extreme weather conditions, with temperatures of -30ยบ celcius. So, eat meat! it'll make you good!!