Saturday, October 10, 2015

Difference Between Rocket Motors and Internal Combustion Engines

Although both the rocket motor and the internal combustion engine depend on the burning fuel, called combustion, to produce the driving force, the way the combustion hot gases are harnessed to propel the vehicle forward is completely different. The propulsion force yielded by a rocket is based on the principle of action and reaction, with the action being the downward movement of the hot gases and the reaction the upward, propelling movement of the rocket. On the other hand, the driving force of the internal combustion engine is the transformation of the burning fuel quimical energy into a rotatory mechanical one through the engine moving pistons that set the crankshaft in motion. This rotatory driving force of the piston engine is then transmitted from the crankshaft to the drive shaft, and then to the wheel axle through the differential gear.